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Occupational Health

Northern Home Care specializes in all occupational health services and can coordinate services throughout Northern BC.


  • Physician Designed Employee Occupational Health and Return to Work Programs
  • Drug and Alcohol Testing Programs: DOT and NON DOT- Pre-booked Appointments
  • Mobile Services
  • Post Incident Testing, Pre-booked Appointments
  • Workplace Immunizations
  • Nursing and Physician Medical
  • Spirometry and Audio Testing
  • Annual Influenza Campaign


Occupational Health Scope of Service Policy and Procedures

Conduct the services of the Pre-determined Substance Screening according to the strict Guidelines of the US DOT and NON DOT standards for specimen collection and analysis.

  • Established contract(s) with an accredited laboratory and a certified Medical Review Officer should the Client require and further confirmation of a positive (non negative) Drug and Alcohol test result.
  • Provide the Client with all necessary education/information on the process of the Chain of Custody, urine or oral fluid sample collection and drug screening.
  • Provide Donor with the necessary information required to carry out the process of urine/oral fluid collection for the purpose of drug testing.
  • Provide Donor with the Authorization/Consent/Release Form.
  • Provide all materials required to conduct the confidential collections.
  • Follow the US DOT/ NON DOT protocol and chain of custody for urine/oral fluid sample collection and conducting Breath Alcohol test.
  • Provided services, if required, for testing of any samples for confirmation of positive results to a Certified Laboratory. Maintain strict, confidential Chain of Custody protocols for the transport, via courier, of any sample to Laboratory.
  • Report all results to the Designated Employer Representative(s) DER, in timely manner, via agreed upon communication.
  • Ensure that this Scope of Practice is reviewed with the Manager of Safety through an internal review process.
  • Provide all required Occupational Health and Safety Services utilizing professionally qualified Certified Registered, Licensed Practical Nursers and Certified Technicians.


Common Drug and Alcohol Test and Equipment

Northern Home Care uses several types of tests to screen for Drugs and Alcohol. The Panels in drug testing jargon means one drug tested equals one panel. The most common drugs tested for include: Cannabinoids (THC), Opiates, Amphetamine, Cocaine, Phencyclidine, Barbiturates, Benzodiazepines, Oxycodone, Methamphatamine, MDMA, Propoxyphene drugs, Synthetic Cocaine and THC and Alcohol. Laboratory and express tests can be Panel 5, 7, 8, 10, 12 and 13 or more as required.

Lab based collections are the most accurate and legally defensible tests. These tests can be done with Salvia, Urine, and Hair. Hair testing is the most expensive, effective and can give the most accurate historical reading of the Donor’s drug use. Urine and Saliva collections can also be effective, cost less and can provide a historical reading of the Donor’s drug use. Lab based collections together with an express test are usually requested for post incidents, reasonable cause and suspicion of drug or alcohol use on the work site.

Express of instant tests give instant results. These tests are Urine, Salvia and Breath based tests.

Urine tests are basically the Gold standard test. Urine tests need to be preformed where these is a regulated bathroom location. Urine tests have a very large detection window and often several weeks per panel and are FDA approved.

Saliva tests are unregulated by the FDA. Saliva tests can be collected anywhere. Salvia, together with a collection are often used post incident, suspicion and reasonable cause as it has a very short window of detection usually less than 24-36 hours.

Breath Alcohol – Northern Home Care uses the Alco Sensor 4, Black Dot from Intoximeter Ltd. This model is required usage by the RCMP.


You’re Drug and Alcohol Policy and work sites will be determine the required drug and alcohol testing procedures and equipment.

As always, we are prepared to provide drug and alcohol testing services where and when ever needed.

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